Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Large Numbers Site!

I just finished my NEW googlepages (now googlesites) website on large numbers yesterday (2008.12.08). It is now published and viewable online. The site will eventually cover a wide range of topics related to the various orders of large numbers, starting with the smaller ranges ( counting range, exponential range, hyper exponential range, tetrational range , etc. ) and working it's way up to even greater kinds of numbers !

Unfortunately the site is "under construction", and as such it only includes "Section I : Fundamentals of the Counting numbers". This section introduces the concept of the counting numbers as an extension of "number sense" and then proceeds to go over various notations, written and spoken, that humans have used throughout the world and through time. Lastly I even propose my own rather unusual naming convention for naming the first 1099 counting numbers. It provides a unique short petname for every counting number from 1 to 1099.

Lastly there is the "number catalogs". Here is where I compile lists of numbers within the counting range with certain properties. For example I have a list of all the primes less than 1000, and also a list of numbers generated through binary arithmetic operations such as a+b , axb , a^b.

Eventually I want to add even more content and start discussing greater number ranges. The following link will take you to the homepage ...


Feel free to comment on content, offer suggestions, etc.

-- Sbiis Saibian